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Name: Jade Harley
Canon: MSPA: Homestuck
Timeline: Act 6 Intermission 2: First year into the journey across the yellow yard.
If playing another character from the same canon, how will you deal with this?: N/A


Jade has a very quirky personality. She is excitable and bright for a girl her age and she has mostly a positive attitude towards life. The way she even types shows how cheerful she is, using green font and lots of emoticons and smilies. She can be a bit childish compared to her friends, a result of having lived on an island with only her dog, Becquerel to keep her company and raise her. Her original guardian, her grandpa, died when she was quite young and even though he has been preserved through taxidermy, Jade acts like death has not ever stopped him from living. Thus, Jade’s isolation from the world around her and the fact that she was raised by a dog make a lot of sense on why Jade is a very quirky, excited, and out there kind of girl.

Her Quirkiness can also be represented from her interests, ranging from furries (the non-sexual type) gardening, being able to play the electric bass, and nuclear physics, but this also proves that she quite intelligent and bright for her age. Jade has been able to learn how to maintain her tower, work the internet and look after her garden. The only helped she had was from Bec.

For a girl who was only raised by a dog, she has a number of impressive skills. She has a lot of high tech gartery, her tower is filled with such all sorts of technology, most likely from her grandfather. Even though Jade has lived on an isolated island she is still quite up-to-date with technology and she knows how to use it. She also a skilled markswomen, able to handle a rifle very well. Although she is a pacifist, she won’t shoot or harm a living creature unless she has too. Jade suffers from narcolepsy and thus she has a habit of falling asleep, anywhere and everywhere. This means that Jade was the first to wake up on the Propsit moon and was able to look into the clouds and see provocations of her and her friends. Jade’s optimism makes sense, because she could see future events and she knows that everything will work out alright in the end.

Jade cares deeply for her friends as well. When she originally lived on the island, they were her only connection to the outside world. Throughout playing the Sburb game, Jade was always there for her friends, willing to help them out with whatever, whenever possible. She will even go to the extent of putting herself in extreme danger to protect them eg. she pushed the Dream version of John out of the way from the falling Skaia’s moon and instead got her dream-self killed. Not only does Jade put herself in a lot of danger for her friends, she isn’t likely to throw her emotions on to her friends, always trying to be cheerful and uplifting for them. When Jade is questioned by Karkat how she feels after Dave’s death, Jade doesn’t even give Karkat an actual answer, she doesn’t talk about her feelings at all, and she just explains to him why Bec Noir killed him.

Jade can also be resourceful and brave. While she seems to act in a more supportive role within her group of friends, she is also able to take the lead when the situation calls for it. For example after Bec Noir kills Dave by redirecting Jade’s bullet into Dave, Jade continues the frog breeding (which they need to do create their new universe) by herself and carries on talking to both Karkat and Kanaya who both did the frog breeding in their game instead of giving up after Dave died. Not only does she continue to frog breed but, she also goes and talks to her Denizen (Each player in the game has their own planet and their own boss) Echidna, to found out how she could save their game, a doomed session. Jade’s resourcefulness ultimately shows that she did step up to the plate once her most of her friends were unable to continue making progress on their session and that Jade can take the leadership role when she needs to.

Granted Jade is kind, friendly and very resourceful; but she can also seem very unsympathetic and she cannot understand other people’s emotions well. For example, when she throws her dream-self and becsprite together, her dream-self cannot stop crying over the last events that happened before she died. Jade however does not understand why her dream-self is crying; she cannot understand Jadesprite’s feelings and emotions of despair and hopelessness as her dream-self believes there is no hope left. Jade however believes you must always carry on no matter what is happening, and then proceeds to continually slap her try and prove her point. Karkat points out of how much of hypocrite she has been, since she had early told Karkat off about how he had hated his past self. She is also very short on patience; she will not take any crap from anyone. Although she can and has be kind and friendly to her friends, trolls such as Karkat have experienced what Jade is like when her short fuse burns out. This especially happens when Jade is caught in the middle of an argument between Karkat’s past and future self. Jade hates the fact that Karkat cannot take responsibility for his actions and blames it on his past or future self. She doesn’t take to Karkat at first at all; she refuses to help him because she is sick to death of his trolling. Eridan is also another troll Jade doesn’t take crap from, and she tells him outright that she doesn’t like him and that she won’t accept his gift. However, Jade is always willing to give anyone a second chance, as she does eventually warm up to Karkat and uses his advice when she is frog breeding.

First Person:

[She gets off the train and stands on the platform, unsure of where to go or what to do, she is utterly confused. First, why is she on a train when she is supposed to be on a ship? Which is physical impossible for her to get off said ship. Second, if this is a dream bubble, which she can’t enter dream bubbles either, then why can’t she remember this place? It’s not from any of her memories and this doesn’t feel like any dream bubble she has been in before.
She is contemplating her next move, when she realizes there is a heavy weight in her pocket. She pulls out the pocket watch, she had no idea where it comes from nor have she owned such a watch before, she stares at it for a while before opening it up and pressing buttons, she turns it on, maybe to try and communicate with the someone? Not realizing in fact that it’s communicating to the whole of the city.]

This city is certainly strange; this can’t be a dream bubble, right? This is no memory I can recall

[She isn’t look at the watch, more so looking at all the buildings around her.]

Sooooo, does anyone here have answers? Or at least tell me where i am?? It would be nice to know what this place is!

[She smiles at the watch.]

So, if anyone is out there, please reply asap!!

[The feed cuts off as Jade is more now concerned on finding her answer now.].

Third Person:
It has been one year since the journey across the golden yard began.

If she was honest with her, not a lot had happened in that one year. She knew this was going to happen. Her powers controlling the ship and that fact that golden yard won’t let them enter dream bubbles, means they wasn’t anything out there but the void when they slept. So, the ship was the only place for Jade.

There was nothing she could do, but sit and wait the three years out.

Jade didn’t mind though, since she spent most of life alone on her isolated island. Being surrounded by people for the first time was a good feeling, although she could count on the palm of her hand how many of them she could have an intelligent conversation with, but she really doesn't mind. It’s a good feeling, having someone to play with games or have a chat too, in some strange ways; it was like having a normal life, with no care in the world.

On the other hand, the ship made her miss the days of playing sburb with her friends, she misses the adventure and having important role and something to actually do. She misses Dave and Rose, and the trolls she hasn’t been able to meet yet. She misses them a lot, she sometimes wonders what they are doing on the meteor, and she wonders if they thinking the same things she is. She wants to meet her grandpa – the kid version of him, she wants to meet him and finally get a chance to talk with. She wants to help them to fix their game and beat it, and maybe they can finally have their happily ever after.

But in reality, she has wait, like everyone else on the ship and on the meteor. In the meantime, she will spend her time playing games with John and listen to Davesprite’s jokes, helping out Nannasprite with baking, try not to scare Jaspersprite too much and play with the consorts when she can.

Because it’s another two years before the real adventures begins.

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