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♪ Character Info!! (application for [community profile] sirenspull)

Player Information

Name: Bubble
Age: 21
AIM SN: puffypuffyball
email: darklightfairy[a]
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes
Conditional: Official Reserve Link: Here

Character Information

Canon Source: MS Paint Adventures: Homestuck
Canon Format: Webcomic
Character's Name: Jade Harley
Character's Age: 15
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. N/A

What form will your character's NV take? Samung Galaxy Note, which also has a nice green and black cover, much like this one here


Character's Canon Abilities:

Jade has a number of abilities & skills such as


She is able to handle guns very well, she is especially skilled with a rifle, although she is a pacifist and will only shot when really must.


Jade has been able to achieve the level of God Tier, which players in the game can really use their title powers. As Jade is now Godtier, this also means that she cannot die easily, her death must be heroic or just for her to actually die. Jade’s title is the Witch of Space, this means she is able to manipulate and bend space around her, such as being able to make objects bigger or smaller. Examples of this would be, she is able to control a whole ship and keep it flying, and she was also able to shrink planets down.

Sprite powers.

As ascending to Godtier, this means that Jade was also fused with her Dreamself. In a sense that Jade also has powers of a sprite, having more much knowledge of the game sburb.

First Guardian Powers + Dog features.

As mentioned before, within being fused with her Dreamself, who was in turn fused with her Dog, Becquerel, who had the powers of the Green sun. Meaning that Jade has more knowledge about the universe and the whole game itself, it means she could also transport herself anywhere in the universe, but as her current situation is of travelling between the fourth wall, she can’t really go outside it. I highly doubt she will be able to use these powers in the game. Also being fused with her dog, her appearance not only gives her dog ears but she act like one at times, as in she barks and chases cats, all of her dog features are uncontrollable e.g she chased Jaspersprite (who is a cat) even though she didn’t mean too.


Her Sylladex, is also important to mention for characters in Homestuck, as it enables them to carry items around, it’s an inventory system, so they are able to put any item of any describe in these catalogue cards. The limit of how much the user can carry depends on how many cards they have, in Jade’s case, she has large amount, 52 to be precise. Jade’s Modus set, she has about 12 of them and all of them are based on popular board games and she generally switches between the different ones rather than having a set Modus.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them? N/A
Weapons: A Rifle

Character History: Homestuck's background and Jade’s history
Point in Canon: 2 years into the journey between the fourth wall’s, during John’s birthday. While watching Air Con, John realizes that in fact the movie he worships for so long, actually does indeed suck. Not long after, John realizes that Davesprite has not attended his party and then, Jade tells him that Davesprite and her have broken up, John is enraged by this and to put the icing on the cake, John finds a note left by Davesprite that mocks the letters that John’s Dad used to leave. Making him more enraged then before, John eventually passes out in his rage fit and this is where Jade will be zapped up from, just as John passes out.
Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: N/A

Character Personality:
Jade has a very quirky personality, she excited and bright for a girl her age, she has mostly a positive attitude towards life. Although her personality can be a bit childish shown from the fact that she has lived on an island with only her dog, Becquerel to keep her company and is also the one who raised her, but this explains why she acts more childish then her friends do. Her original guardian, her grandpa died when was quite young (Tavros the troll, though he was going to harm her, not realizing it was her guardian and accidently killed him.) and even though he is now stuffed, Jade acts like death has not ever stopped him from living, this adds to Jade’s quirky self, that even if he is dead, he is still very much alive to her. Jade’s isolations from the world around her and being raised by a dog makes a lot of sense on why Jade is a very quirky, excited, and out there kind of girl.

Her Quirkiness can also be represented from her interests, which range from furries (the non-sexual type) to being able to play the electric bass, to nuclear physics, but this also proves that she quite intelligent and bright. She types in bright green font and usually uses lots of exclamation marks, smiles, and even sometimes hearts. This shows how Jade is able to show her emotions by her text and how she can be quite silly at times.

Jade cares deeply for her friends, when she originally lived on the island, they were her only connection to the outside world and even throughout playing sburb game, Jade was always there for her friends, willing to help them out whenever possible or whatever she could do to help them. She will even go to the extent of putting herself in extreme danger to protect them, as she pushed Dream John out of the way from the falling Skaia’s moon and got her dream-self killed.

For a girl who was only raised by a dog, she has a number of impressive skills. She has a lot of high tech gartery, her tower is filled with such all sorts of technology, most likely from her grandfather. Even though Jade has lived on an isolated island and she is still quite up-to-date with technology and knows how to use it. She also a skilled markswomen, she is able to handle a rifle very well, although she is a pacific, she won’t shoot or harm a living creature, unless she has too.

Jade also suffers from Neuroplesy, she has a habit to fall asleep, anywhere and everywhere. Although, her Neuroplesy was mostly caused by Vriska using her powers on her. Since Jade was the first kid to wake up on moon, Prospit before the game, she was able to look into the clouds of Prospit and see provocations that would happen to her and her friends, Jade’s optimism would make sense as for the fact that she could see future events because she knows that everything will work out alright in the end. Even when she lived on the island, she obviously knew she was not going to stay their forever, that she would eventually get to meet her friends in the game, these provocations obviously give Jade her sense of optimism and hope.

Jade can also be resourceful and brave, while jade seems to act in a more supportive role with her friends, Jade is also able to take the lead, when the situation arises. For example after the fight between Jade and Dave against Bec Noir, Bec Noir kills Dave by redirecting Jade’s bullet into Dave. Instead of giving up after Dave died, Jade continues the frog breeding (which they need to do create their new universe) by herself and carries on talking to both Karkat and Kanaya who both did the frog breeding in their game. Not only does she continue to frog breed but, she also goes and talks to her Denizen (Each player in the game has their own planet and their own boss) Echina, to found out how she could save their game, as it was soon realized by Jade, that there game was becoming a doomed session. Jade’s resourceful ultimately shows the fact that she did step up to the plate, once her most of her friends were unable to continue making progress on their session, this demonstrations that Jade can take the leadership role when she needs to, that she can be resourceful and brave, and ultimately help figure out how they are able to beat the game.

Granting Jade is kind, friendly and very resourceful; she also seemly cannot be very sympathetic or cannot understand other people’s emotions. For example, when she throws her dream-self and becsprite together, her dream-self cannot stop crying over the last events that happened before her dream-self died. Jade does not understand why she is crying and process to continually slapping her, Karkat points out of how much of hypocrite she has been, since she had early told Karkat off about how he had hated his past self. She also very short on patience, she will not take any crap from anyone, although she has be kind and friendly to her friends, trolls such as Karkat, have experienced what Jade is like when her short fuse is broken. This especially happens when Jade is caught in the middle of an argument between his past and future self. Jade hates the fact that Karkat cannot take responsible for his actions and blames it on his past or future self. She doesn’t take to Karkat at first at all; she refuses to help him because she is sick to death of the fact of his trolling. Eridan is also another troll in which Jade show doesn’t take crap from, and she out rightly tells him that she doesn’t like him and that she won’t accept his gift. On the other hand, Jade is always willing to give anyone an second chance, as she does eventually warm up to Karkat and uses his advice when she is frog breeding.

After she ascends to Godtier and taking the three year journey between the “Fourth Walls”. Jade not only gains powers as a Godtier with immortality, but also has gained a lot more knowledge then she had before, making her wiser, but other than this, she has been growing up on the ship but in a way, is still very much the same. She still is quirky as ever, has an interest in furries and still just as excited and bubbly, although, since she spends a lot more time with John and Davesprite, she has become more sarcastic. At one point, during their journey between the fourth walls, she was dating Davesprite, while he did breakup from her, Jade seem to have taken it alright, she was a lot more calmer and was rational, knowing that there was reason for the fact that Davesprite ending their relationship. This shows that Jade has become more maturate now, compare to John who didn’t seem to handle the fact very well that the two of them had broken up.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: N/A
Character Plans: Once Jade gets settles/gets used to the city, she will probably go around and try and get to know people, see if you can find any of her friends, she will also try and probably found out what's really behind this city and why it has to be like this, its a real solid plan but i think its a good direction to go in.

Appearance/PB: Jade in her Godtier outfit This is what she currently look likes. Jade as normal. and this is her appearance without her powers and ears.

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

i don’t know if anyone is reading this right now but
some of these welcomes signs a bit :/
i mean geez some of you already seem like awful jerks
if even we stuck in a horrible doomed place
that’s still not a way to welcome someone :/
like why would you even write that as a welcome sign!!!
although some of the useful signs were informative and the greeter was really nice!! :D
so thank you to whoever wrote those!!

Oh! Anyway I should actually tell you who I am
hi my name is Jade Harley :D
i don’t come from around here if it isnt obvious already
and I can’t even explain how I got here
i thought it was impossible to leave the golden road and that I had to wait the three years
but obviously looks like I was totally wrong :/
although I only had one more year until the journey was over
but I dont think I have arrived early either
this certainly is nothing like what I was expecting once we crashed through the other wall
but however I got here; I am here now anyway I can’t change that

ah damn haven’t even got to the point of this message
really all I want is someone to talk to
not just someone who going to explain everything to me
i get what this place is
Iit would be nice to get to know other people who are here!!
you know? :)
if anyone does want to talk
please reply asap!!

Third Person Sample

It doesn’t take Jade long to figure out why she hates the darkness so much.

It’s reminds her of the horror terrors.

She feels like she is living it every time darkness falls, not that she has been long in Siren’s port or has she been outside when darkness has accrued, but it feels so familiar to those horrible dreams. Though one big different is, it’s not like she can just simply wake up from the darkness, where she could with those dreams. While, that was the only difference for Jade, Horror terrors were visions of nothing of endless fright, filled with distorting images and sounds of screaming and screeching. She never wanted to have to experience it ever again, but now she was living it every night. This certainly does make Jade wish should could dream of the Prospit again. The golden kingdom, which at the time give Jade so much joy to be floating around a place filled with some peace at the time, though sadly she hasn’t been able to in a long time at any rate.

She shakes her thoughts away from dreams and nightmares and continues to settle in her apartment, she knows, she cannot dwell on the universe she belongs in, she must think of her current situation and figure out how she got here and what will be her next move. Once she settles the chairs down in a position she likes them, she gives a look around the place. Her new apartment, this room will be her new home for the time being.
Settling herself in, is the only thing she can really do to keep her mind off things, even though her syllabex still works, her laptops have no connections to the internet and staring at blank screen isn’t really going to make things better. At least she has things to do, to keep her distracting, even if it is just moving around furniture for the billion times.

Something clicks inside her brain, powers!! Do they still work? She feels different, like her connection to the green sun is gone, but she can still feel space around her. Other evidence of her powers was that she still has her godtier outfit, she touches the fabric of her skirt and doesn’t seem any different and she still has cute little dog ears, which she touches just to confirm, they twitch a little. Good, now it’s time to test out my powers, she thinks to herself.

She looks to over to her small side table, there is nothing inside it at the moment, so it will be an easy object to test her powers on. She positions her hand towards the side table and lifts it, yes! Her powers do indeed still work! She tries making the side table smaller and moves it into its new spot with ease, yay!! Her powers still worked!! Which was a good thing, it means she wasn’t completely defenceless in this town.

Although, would she really be able to fight the Darkness by herself? She doubts it, as much as she would not wish her friends here, she would think it would make things easier to deal with, if they were here.

Though, the real question was, would she ever see her friends again.

Only time would tell.

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