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♪ IC Contact

hi!! its jade!! :D sorry i am not here right now, but leave a message and i will get back to you, thanks!! :D
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[* PING! * GOES YOUR INBOX. A wild attachment appears!]


> Y (accept) / N (reject) / PIE (do you want to know more?) ]

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text ;

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> It's a costume party!
> There will be food
> and dancing
> music! decorations!
> :D
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Good day,

This is Lee Chaolan from the recently dissolved Violet Systems which used to be under SERO. Now as a True Neutral company, we've been working on rising up with a new start. And for that end, one of my employees told me to get in touch with you and propose that you join us.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Lee Chaolan
Platinum Phoenix Enterprises
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There are many. What do you consider your specialization?
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That is excellent! I actually have my own robot here, too. He was a gift from the core last Christmas.

Anyway, I'd love to hire you as one of our programmers. Because we're a very small company, you'll be very welcome to submit product ideas to me anytime, too.

Would that position be alright with you, Miss Harley?
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Interesting. Well, I'm sure I'll get to see your expertise in person once we meet in the office.

I've attached the address of our building to this message. Let me know when you'll be coming over so I can show you the ropes for all our employees before handing you over to Mr. Tim Drake, your superior.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll be happy to answer you.
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oop, I forgot to ask. Can I add you on Plurk? o3o I'm planning to make a general Violet Systems mingling post.
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Added you! :3 I'm decadentarisu.
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Text, dec 2 10 Pm

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uh i fucked up which are we really surprised here
i mean look who it is fumbling with the controls and dropping that shit like its on fire
holy shit my fingers are greased and were having a freefall contest of who is worse at keeping it together
i have a problem and it isnt the sort of thing that can be fixed
its a very not workable thing like jack fucking noir levels of bad
only worse because its practically god given
dont have much time here which is laughable because oh look knight of time here
id loop but who im currently trying to keep from fucking up too cant follow me
so here i am a sitting pretty duck
at least my ass looks great right

keep dirk inside
dont let his dumb ass of a brother complex go out and look for me
dont you go looking either
he needs you
well he will
dunno what happens here but this is a bit too like how i rose up to let me pop back up like a jack in the box
well see i guess
if it goes bad keep nill sane
friend of mine
speaks in heads is a little crazy
but shes good people

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His heart it breaks. Two minutes later

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whoa whoa harley dont cry
i dont know whats going to happen next
no one ever said if we come back here or not
you can do just fine taking care of everyone
you can handle it
i just

stay away from castiel
whatever is in him its old and its out for snacks
it wanted john
i couldnt let it do that
this is going to sound cheesy as hell so bear with me
by im not gone so long as you remember you know
and this place might drag in a new version of me or something
but long story short
i made a choice
it was john or me and you know who id pick to survive
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One minute later

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i know
im sorry
if i come back and all lets just idk sit down and chill and do everything we talked about
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